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The Southern Highlands Bereavement Care Service offers counselling to individuals, families, teenagers and children who are suffering bereavement through the death of a loved one.  

The service also provides counselling to those who experience ambiguous loss, complex loss, life changes, or transitions which are accompanied by feelings of grief and loss.

Support is offered to those who are preparing for their own death and to those preparing for the death of a loved one.

The service offers a sliding scale of fees, and is accessible to those who are in financial difficulty.  Where necessary the fee is waived.

Bereavement and Grief counselling 

The yearning that takes place in grief can be best described as a ‘wanting what you can’t have.’ A process that does not respond to logic or rational argument.  The person appears to have no choice except to want what they can’t have and may do so for an extended period of time.  Especially in cases where a deep abiding love for the person who is lost, existed.

For many, despair is the result; and life may no longer appear to be worth living as the reality of the loss permeates each successive layer of an individual’s being. A growing sense of finality of the loss begins to develop and with it intense pain. 

Many clients (nearly every client!) expresses that they feel isolated, 'I don't want to burden my friends', no-where to turn, and a complexity of overwhelming feelings that make daily life often unbearable.  

Bereavement and grief therapy provides important and necessary support, healing, relief, and a way to process and understand this traumatic experience.


Group Counselling

Group counselling is also provided for members of the community.  Examples of such groups may include: suicide support, widows, loss of a child and also family counselling.

Group therapy is a very different focus than individual therapy.  It provides a space to share with others who are also experiencing similar or different losses.  It can be a relief to know that someone else is experiencing similar overwhelming emotions in their journey through loss. 



The Southern Highlands Bereavement Care Service has published a booklet for teenagers called:

"I Can do it BUT it's Still HARD".  It has been distributed extensively around Australia and overseas and is available from the service.


 Training for Organisations

Training is offered in grief and bereavement both to the community and to professional groups. Our counsellors continue to upgrade their qualifications in grief theory and attend regular training with various world recognised organisations.

Bereavement support volunteers have been trained by the service to provide ongoing support to clients who are nearing the completion of counselling and who would like some continued contact with our service. These volunteers are supervised by the counsellors.

An extensive library is available to all clients and to the community in general. 


Non-Profit Organisation

The Southern Highlands Bereavement Care Service is a non-profit organisation and receives funding from the NSW Department of Health. It was established in 1990 to provide bereavement support to all members in the community from the Wingecarribee and Wollondilly Shire areas.

The service is managed by a management committee team drawn from the local area. Members bring experience and expertise from a range of areas, and are sensitive to the ongoing well being of bereaved individuals and families. The management team supports the staff and meets regularly with them to oversee the work of the service and to discuss directions and decisions. An annual general meeting is held at the end of each calendar year where members of the public are invited to attend.


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